Business Process Outsourcing

PeardioTM provides back office services to organizations of all sizes with customized solutions for your company's specific requirements.

Back office support can be cumbersome and revenue impacting if it does not properly provide services for your business.  In addition, without an efficient and reliable back office, businesses will not be able to grow.  By outsourcing some or all of your back office functions to Peardio means you can rest assured that we will complete all tasks and deliverables on time and to your satisfaction.

Peardio's most common back office services:

  • Back Office systems, applications, and processes
  • Data Analytics from all of your data sources and histories
    • Reporting
    • Processing data streams
  • Online research of marketing trends and the competition
  • Data input & processing
    • Data cleansing & enrichment
    • Scrubbing data
    • Database verification
  • Data mining of your Intellectual Property now locked inside databases
  • Machine learning human judgment work
  • Digital tasks